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Planning a home renovation is a big step and we’re sure you have questions. We invite you to read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. If you need more information, Window Time Ltd. is happy to assist you in southern Alberta. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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What will I have to do when Window Time leaves my house?

Nothing! Your windows will be clean on the inside and out. The trim will be finished and painted. All the mess will be cleaned up. We vacuum and help you hang your curtains or blinds. We will even move your furniture if needed.

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Do you supply windows without installation?

No. Our prices are a package price for supply and installation. If you are looking for supply only, we recommend you deal directly with one of our suppliers.


Will Window Time install windows or doors purchased from other companies?

No. Window Time must order the windows we install in order to warranty our work.

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Do you remove the garbage?

Yes. The old windows, doors and all the garbage are removed from your site. We recycle as much scrap metal as we can.

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How long will my installation take?

We are usually only at your house for a day or two. There is usually only a “hole” in your house for about half an hour. The preparation and finishing of the windows is what takes the most time, but your house is secure while we do this.

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Do you carry windows or doors in stock?

No. All of our windows and doors are custom ordered so that you get exactly what you want and need.

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Will my blinds fit my new window?

You will likely need new blinds for your new custom window.

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Do you work in any weather?

If temperatures are -10°C or above, we can handle the job.

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